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We have helped companies big and small maintain their property so that it is always attractive and welcoming to their customers – and we can do the same for you! Call our team today!

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The Experts You Need

A cracked driveway, path or walkway on your commercial property can lower the curb appeal of your business and create an unwelcoming atmosphere. You can hire our team of professionals for expert services that will help you achieve the perfect look for your property.

Our team is highly experienced in filling a variety of cracks including crocodile cracks, longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks block cracks, joint reflection cracks, edge cracks, slippage cracks, and more. The filling experts at AHS have been sealing cracks for many years. In that time we have become seasoned experts at asphalt repair. We invite you to give us a call today to talk to us about your crack filling needs and we will offer you quick and professional assistance.

Why Go With Us

Asphalt filling can protect your property from a variety of different things, including UV rays, oil and gas spills and more. The sealing of your driveway will also prevent future costs and extend the life of your parking lot. It is best to seal your driveway at least 2 years after it has been installed or when your parking lot begins to look grey.

Our team is available to help you properly maintain your parking lot or driveway. This is important because you really don’t want issues like cracks or even potholes to become a safety hazard. Not only will we help keep your property looking its best, but we will also help ensure that it is safe for people to walk and drive on your property. This is something you can do to help keep your customers safe and create a space that is welcoming to them.


Other Residential and Commercial Services

We provide a wide range of services for residential and commercial clients, including:
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Asphalt Sealing
Asphalt Repair
Pothole Repair
Parking Lot Line Painting
Asphalt Crack Sealing
Asphalt Paving
Catch Basin Repair

Experienced With A Great Reputation

Excellent experience! They provided efficient and ongoing communications, gave a prompt and accurate quote, accomplished the project within the estimated time and did outstanding work. We are very pleased with their service.

Eric B.

Kyle and his team provided excellent service! The communication, quote information, and asphalt sealing service was exactly what we were looking for. We have two driveways and both were completed with high quality craftsmanship! Thank you!

Derek H.

One of the best customer services I have ever encountered ! Both the sales representative and the team doing the work were extremely polite, diligent and professional. They have also provided me with suggestions on their vision of my project, which actually saved me some money. The team truly cares about their customers and strives to provide excellent customer service, fairness and fair pricing. Looking forward to doing more projects in the future !


Quick response. Good service. Explain and suggest next steps.Staff are hardworking and pay attention to details. Thanks a lot. Flexible payment options, and we will reuse them again in a couple of years for maintenance. Thanks again!

John K.

Asphalt Sealing did a terrific job, their price was very competitive, they arrived a little earlier than scheduled. They dealt very well with working around challenging weather conditions and cleaned up the site before finishing. Their communication style is not hand-holding but rather get in and get the job done. I would use them again.

Nikita K.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Commercial Crack Filling Service

How does commercial crack filling benefit my business?

Cracks in your asphalt impacts the curb appeal and overall aesthetic of your property. This is why it is best to seal any cracks as soon as possible. Our sealing work can improve your customers’ impression of your business.

What is the cost of a commercial crack filling service?

There are so many factors that impact the cost of a crack sealing project (footage of cracks that need to be sealed, the size of the property, the season, time of the project, etc.) Our team is available to discuss your project, assess your needs and give you an estimate on our work. Call us today at (647) 812-7845.

How long will it take to fill the cracks in my property?

It really depends on the number of cracks that need to be sealed. And of course the length of a crack will also factor into the total time of the project.

How long after the filling is done can I open my property to traffic?

You will have to wait for the sealant to cool, which can take up to 1 hour.

When is the best time to perform crack filling?

The best times are in Spring and Summer when the temperature is warm.

Can very wide cracks be filled?

When you have a cracks that are larger than 1″, it is difficult to effectively seal a crack. With cracks larger 1″, it is better to do asphalt repair.