Project Highlights

A commercial property owner in Scarborough gave us a call because they needed to completely revitalize their parking lot.

as you can see in the images to the right, the clients owns a large commercial property, which meant there was a lot of work involved in the project. We had to first clean the parking lot before we could perform commercial asphalt sealing. When we finished that, we were able to then paint new parking lines throughout the lot. All in all the project took us two days to complete.  

Call the AHS team today at (647) 812-7845 if your commercial parking lot is in need of revitalization. Our crew is available to help you with all of your residential driveway sealing, cleaning and line painting needs.

Commercial parking lot with sealed asphalt and new line painting.
Commercial property with newly painting lines and sealed asphalt.
Commercial parkign lot before asphalt sealing and line painting.