Top 5 Facts about Asphalt Pavement

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From neighbourhood driveways to airport runways, asphalt pavement is found all over the world. Its strength and versatility make it the ideal material for creating breathable but hard surfaces, perfect for all types of heavy vehicle traffic. Since all kinds of commercial, industrial and residential properties have some sort of asphalt pavement application, it is important to separate fact from fiction regarding the positive and negative characteristics of asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Pavement is Eco-Friendly

Asphalt is amongst some of the most recycled materials in North America. Surprisingly, the asphalt industry recycles 99% of any waste or by-product created by the manufacturing process. Also, asphalt plants create no wastewater, which makes the production process cleaner than most other heavy materials.The application and installation of asphalt pavement uses highly-efficient heavy machinery to limit its environmental footprint.

Asphalt Pavement Has to be Maintained

Asphalt is very resistant to cracks, stains and chips. Although extremely strong and durable it is not invincible to the test of time. Due to harsh weather shifts, and tons of vehicle traffic, proper maintenance is important to the long and healthy lifespan of any asphalt pavement. One of, if not, the most important step in the maintenance process would be sealing your asphalt pavement. Not only does proper, professional asphalt sealing prevent cracking and potholes, but it also keeps the external elements like moisture and oxygen from penetrating underneath.

Asphalt Pavement Comes in a Variety of Colours

Asphalt pavement has the ability to come in an assortment of colours to create a certain curb appeal and aesthetic desired by homeowners and businesses. From brand logos to custom colours, there are tons of options for businesses to stand out. It is never too late to bring some personality and style to your property. Not only is the ability to have multiple choices of colours great for design and personality, it is also useful in certain safety situations. Bikes, cars and pedestrians alike can benefit from properly visible road indications. Different coloured asphalt pavement can be used to express a change in elevation, change in speed, or even safety boundaries.

Concrete isn’t Always a Better Option than Asphalt Pavement.

Concrete is infamous for being hard, heavy and robust. From skyscrapers to bunkers, concrete is commonly the material of choice when creating and designing long-term immovable objects and structures. Countless countries around the world, including Canada, rely on concrete for the basic foundation of virtually all of their infrastructure. But sometimes being flexible and movable isn’t just a convenience but a necessity. As the ground and earth itself moves, it cracks and splits concrete. Concrete, unbeknownst to most, is actually sensitive to the chemical and salt runoff that vehicles often produce. Asphalt pavement on the other hand is far less sensitive to these chemicals and does not lose strength or get compromised as quickly. Make sure your asphalt pavement is sealed properly today with a free estimate.

Asphalt Pavement is Economical.

Due to its ease of installation and transportation, asphalt is an incredibly economical option for any hard driving or walking surface. Compared to other strong, porous flexible pavement materials commonly used for roads, asphalt pavements are actually more economical to not only install but also to maintain over time.

Asphalt pavement is everywhere and unavoidable, for good reason too. It is easy to see why some people might have a false representation of what asphalt actually is. There are countless rumors and false facts out there regarding asphalt pavement, its durability and more importantly its effect on the planet. 

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