5 Reasons to Seal Your Driveway Before Winter

5 reasons to seal your driveway before winter asphalt sealing

Protecting your driveway before winter is vital – especially if you’re dealing with cold, Canadian winters. One of the best ways to defend your driveway from the coming cold is a yearly driveway sealing. Today we’ll give you some practical reasons why this is a good idea and best performed before the winter comes.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons to seal your driveway before winter!

Seal coating extends the life of your driveway

Your driveway gets a lot of use over time and sealing it is an effective way to extend its lifetime This is because regular asphalt sealing helps to keep cracks from developing or becoming more major repairs down the line.

Think of it as what it is – an important part of preventive maintenance for your home.

Seal coating also keeps your driveway looking good

Regularly sealing your driveway means that you are less likely to need crack filler applied later. Asphalt sealer gives your driveway a nice, protected coat and if you do it yearly, then your driveway is always looking clean and sharp.

A good-looking driveway definitely doesn’t hurt a home’s value one bit!

Coating helps to keep water from seeping in and freezing

One of the most important reasons for resealing asphalt pavement is water damage that may occur during the winter. Water seeps in more easily to a driveway that hasn’t been maintained and this water will expand when it freezes, producing cracks or making existing ones much harder to repair.

This is why most homeowners are recommended to get their driveway sealed every year before winter. Freezing damage can be brutal, but a freshly sealed driveway should be well-protected for even the harshest winters.

Coating also helps to prevent damage from automotive fluids

Aside from water, automotive fluids get leaked all of the time on driveways and liquids such as gas and motor oil can soften up and even dissolve into your asphalt. You can, of course, help to minimize the damage by promptly cleaning the driveway but you definitely don’t want to have to do this during the winter.

Fall is simply the most sensible time to get it done

Spring and Fall are the most ideal times to get your driveway sealed, with Fall being the generally recommended time to get it done. The temperatures are ideal for the work and it prepares your driveway well in advance for the upcoming temperature drops and storms.

Some closing words on asphalt sealer treatments

Taking care of the driveway doesn’t take much time and it’s an excellent defense against the elements. It extends the life of your driveway, while keeping it looking good in the process, and you’ll be protected from water seeping in and causing freeze damage.

It’ll also keep automotive fluids at bay and if you get it done every fall, then when the winter is coming you’ll be good and ready for it. It just makes good, solid, and practical sense.

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