Is Driveway Painting The Same As Driveway Sealing?

A driveway that has been sealed by AHS.

A lot of people wonder, “what is the difference between driveway painting and driveway sealing?” Are they the same thing? The short answer is yes. Driveway painting and driveway sealing are the exact same process. The official name for the service is “asphalt sealing” “or “seal coating.”

Some people call this service “driveway painting” because, well, that’s what it looks like! Generally you’d assume something would be named after what it looks like, right? Well that’s why so many people call it driveway painting! The process consists of brushing a fresh coat of black asphalt sealant over the driveway, similar to how painting a fresh coat of paint on a wall looks! So it stands to reason that people would call it driveway painting!

Typically, if you search for driveway painting, you will get results for both “painting” and “sealing” because they are the same thing! But don’t let the difference in names confuse you. The results will still be for the same service you are looking for.

So, what is asphalt sealing? Asphalt sealing is the process of applying a protective seal coating to an asphalt driveway. The coating helps protect the asphalt from becoming damaged from harsh weather, chemicals, and sunlight, while restoring the beauty of the driveway’s original finish.

If you think driveway sealing (or driveway painting, if that’s what you like to call it!) is something you are in need of for your driveway, we are the team that can help you! Here at Asphalt Sealing, we specialize in, well, asphalt sealing! Check out our website with all the information you need about our driveway sealing service and contact us!

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