When is the Best Time Sealing for Your Driveway?

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Sealing your driveway properly is a great way to protect your residential or commercial property and prevent erosion and UV damage that can destroy your driveway faster than you would have thought possible.

At the same time, though, you want to be careful about when you schedule this kind of work.

Schedule it for the wrong time of year and the sealant won’t stick, won’t bond, and won’t be able to provide the extra layer of protection you are expecting. And then you’ll have to put the bill to remove the sealant and start all over again!

Here at Action Home Services we know how important it is to time a sealing project to get the best possible results. 


Warm, Dry Weather is Best


One of the biggest advantages of a properly sealed driveway is that it’s going to be able to shed water much more effectively.

There’s nothing that deteriorates a driveway faster than water, and even just the occasional rainstorm every now and again on an unprotected driveway can cause extreme damage and erosion – more than you would probably expect.

Combine that with water working its way into the sub layers of your driveway because of cracks in the surface and then freezing over the winter and you’re talking about a recipe for disaster.

 Warm (but not hot), dry weather is best for this kind of work because it allows the sealant product to work itself deeper and deeper into the asphalt itself.

That kind of weather is going to be just warm enough to let the sealant fully spread everywhere, and if it’s followed by drive cool nights they’ll be plenty of time for the asphalt sealant to cure and harden in place without being hurried along.


Plan for Late Spring and Early Fall Whenever Possible


If at all possible, try and schedule this kind of project for late spring and early summer or late summer and early fall.

You want to try and avoid the wet season of early spring, not just because of the water that will be held in the ground from the snow melting in our area but also because of the springtime rainstorms that are so common.

Shoot for May or June and you’ll be able to avoid a lot of those rainstorms while at the same time getting the dry, warm days that aren’t scorching hot – days that still have relatively cool nights that allow the product to cure in place.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for a May or June project it’s a good idea to push this until late summer and early fall.

Real late August and throughout the month of September generally have the same kind of weather conditions you’re looking for as May and June, allowing you to knock this kind project out without a lot of headache and without a lot of hassle.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to talk to professionals like the ones we employed here at Action Home Services to find the right time of year to tackle this kind of project.


We’ll be able to find the perfect two or three day window of time to get this project done for you (and get it done right), providing your driveway with that extra armor and that extra layer of protection from wind, weather, and water that would otherwise look to compromise your driveway from inside out.

For more information about our asphalt sealant services, or for a 100% free estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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