Why Should I Seal My Driveway?

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Every driveway is eventually going to need repair or replacement – but those that are left unmaintained for extended amounts of time are going to have to be repaired and replaced much faster (and more frequently).

Thankfully, though, homeowners and business owners willing to invest a little in regular maintenance (like asphalt sealing) will be able to avoid having to repair or replace their driveway anytime soon.

In fact, it’s not at all unreasonable to double the lifespan of your asphalt driveway with sealant applied every 12 to 36 months.

Stay on top of this and you’ll guarantee that your driveway not only looks brand-new (even if it is a decade or more old) but maintains its integrity and adds value to your residential or commercial property, too.

Here are just a couple of the big benefits you’ll enjoy when you take advantage of asphalt sealant services like the ones we provide here at Action Home Services!


Protect Your Driveway from Water Damage


Nothing will destroy your driveway faster than water damage.

Water finds a way to work itself into every nook and cranny, and even the most perfectly smooth asphalt driveways have a porous surface for water to weasel its way into.

A couple of rainstorms every now and again generally won’t cause that much damage on their own. But add in the fact that we are driving on our driveways all the time and parking heavy cars on them overnight and you have a combination of factors that are working to destroy your driveway pretty much around-the-clock.

By keeping on top of your driveway sealant maintenance (sealing your driveway every year to every three years or so) you block water from working into your driveway, causing cracks and fissures, and then making things worse when the water freezes in the winter and splits things even further.


Guard Against UV Damage


UV damage from the sun beating down every day is also going to do a number on your driveway.

The chances are pretty good that you’ve seen what a brand-new asphalt driveway looks like compared to one that is even just a handful of years old.

New driveways are deep black, almost purple, from the fresh asphalt whereas older driveways that have been exposed to a lot of UV damage are a faded sort of dull gray.

Well, aside from the cosmetic changes, the UV damage also does a number on the asphalt itself.

The asphalt material becomes compromised over time and weakened by this UV damage. That allows water to work even faster to destroy your driveway when left unprotected.

Sealing your driveway regularly adds a protective layer against that UV damage, allowing your driveway to “heal” itself at the same time.


Seal Away Oil and Fluid Spills


Try as hard as you like, but it’s impossible to wash away oil and other automotive fluids that inevitably leak out of our vehicles onto our driveway.

Even if you move quickly and either spray the driveway down to dilute those fluids and get them off of your driveway in a hurry or use “quick dry” sand or something similar, you’re still going to have to worry about the fluids that penetrated the upper layer of your driveway.

The cosmetic stains on your driveway surface may not bother you that much, but what about the dangers and risks those fluids suspended in the surface (and impossible to clean) pose to your pets and children?

Sealing over those oil and fluid spills guarantees that those issues are locked away permanently. You add a physical topcoat over those fluid spills and prevent them from being able to harm anyone or anything once and for all.


Enhance the Look of Your Driveway (And Value of Your Home)


Lastly, asphalt sealant applied to your driveway is always going to give it a new, fresh look – and that’s going to boost your curb appeal and your property value!

Best of all, asphalt sealant isn’t a very expensive bit of home maintenance to tackle every now and again but it adds a tremendous amount of value to your home all the same.

Combine that with all the other benefits you’ll enjoy (benefits we highlighted above) and this maintenance becomes a bit of a no-brainer.

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